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ICC Pro Cricket 2015

Platform :




Company :
The Walt Disney Co. India – Disney/UTV – Indiagames

Project Duration :
June 2014 – May 2015
Released – 10th February 2015

Type : Casual – Sports Genre

About Project :

This game is the official world cup game released on mobility and pc in association with ICC during the 2015 World Cup. The objective of the whole idea was to create a realistic feeling game on the mobile. Animations used in-game where motion captured in United Kingdom. Quite a few new ideas where implemented, for custom team creation and leagues based progression. New bowling controls where designed so as to make the bowling part of the cricket to also be enjoyable

Responsibilities :

-> Optimisation of code cycles and GC calls for mobile platforms
-> Cornerstone programmer from Prototyping
-> Working with the 3D team and animator to ensure all the assets where properly integrated
-> Setting up a good assets pipeline with cross checks
-> Ground up creation of architecture with Central Managers of tree like hierarchy, dependency control and FSM for internal game state management
-> Implemented low processing intensive, realistic looking and feeling ball physics by using and controlling the internal rigid bodies and collisions
-> Extending unity editors and inspectors for creating tools and systems for the designers – implementing perfect bat-ball collisions, creation of delivery balls using real variables like wind – speed – swing
-> System to Dynamically load legacy animation clip from asset bundles for keeping the memory foot print as low as possible as well as to ensure a system ti change animations remotely
-> Windows input and Xbox controller implementations
-> Batting and bowling control implementations
-> In game GUI implementations
-> FTUE implementation
-> Objective and Achievements systems
-> JSON parsing and serializers for internal data structures
-> Mentoring new joiners and bringing them up to speed for development and handling of live ops
-> Implementing ideas with respect to A/B Testing
-> Multi aspect ratio support, along with better content management for quicker updates and designer control over the user experience