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Pahelika Revelations

Platform :


C++ and LUA

Company :
IronCode Gaming Pvt Ltd.

Project Duration :
September 2010 – December 2011
Released – November 2011

Type : Casual and Puzzle based

About Project :

Pahelika Revelations, is my first worked on and released game. Its a casual, puzzle solving game. It high story driven and is sequel to Pahelika – The secret legends. Point and click Adventure. Developed using a modified popcap framework that’s based on c++ and lua as its scripting language. Here is where i was introduced to the magic of game coding and 3D in Blender

Responsibilities :

-> Game is developed on a heavily modified version of PopCap game framework
-> Cornerstone programmer from Prototyping to Completion
-> Object data and states parsed form XML
-> Object behaviour and interaction scripted in LUA
-> Experience in regards to coding techniques, testing, gameplay, art, data access, scripts, working around engine limitations
-> Working with milestones and deadline
-> Making UI and gameplay decisions