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Solan Exiles

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Owner went AWOL
Team Disbanded

Company :

Project Duration :
February 2014 – April 2014

Type : Casual and strategy

About Project :

Solan Exiles was to be kind of on the lines with Clash of clans with hexagonal grid based idea fro more realistic placements and movements, as well as mashed with Starcraft 3 race lore, for user engagement

It is here in KNQ, that i was introduced and imparted with knowledge of Test Driven Development, Unit Tests and being a clean coder. My mentor here was Coop

Responsibilities :

-> Creation and standardising root game architecture using dependency injection with event system for lose coupling
-> Writing unit test was made a prime importance – NSubstitute for mocks along with nUnit was used for the same
-> Developing game views using NGUI v3
-> Creation of a Mecanim System to support large number of animation clips at time and keeping the memory footprint as low as possible with dynamic loading, without any curtailment of Mecanim feature sets
-> Creation of custom Unity Window for designing and creating game tutorials and various other functionality by extending the editor and inspector