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Valkyrie – VR

Platform :

Gear VR and Occulus

Google Cardboard


Company :
Housing.com – Locon Solutions

Project Duration :
June 2015 – Till Date
In Production [On Going]

Type : Virtual Reality Walkthrough

About Project :

Valkyrie is the in-house name for the project. The initial development was targeted to create customised experience of Virtual Reality for the biggest of the Reality Developers. It was with the aim to create as realistic experience as possible

The new target is to create a platform to empower, all developers and real estate agents to create an Virtual Reality walkthrough experiences by using custom tools created by us. The idea is to create a blackbox, where the input is a floor plan and the output is an mobile app for VR walkthrough

Responsibilities :

-> Design and implement Virtual Reality – Friendly Interfaces using Unity’s new internal uGUI
-> Implementing with finesse navigation and interaction that are non-intrusive and that feel the extension of the experience altogether
-> Realistic visuals with optimisation for mobility i.e. Gear VR and Google Cardboard
-> Creating scalable architectures and incorporating automations on as many levels as possible
-> Mentoring non Unity Developers for adopting of the technology
-> Creation and manipulation of mesh on the lowest level for creation of architectures
-> Implementing algorithms for automatic placement of lights to light up a scene