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Highly Proficient in : Unity 3D

Read as List
  1. Unity 3D
  2. C#
  3. Mobile Optimizations
  4. GIT
  5. Custom Tools Creation
  6. GUI Creation and Implementation
  7. Visual Studio IDE

Knowledgeable in : Test Driven Development

Read as List
  1. Test Driven Development
  2. Networking Architectures and Implementation
  3. GUI Architectures
  4. C++
  5. LUA Scripting
  6. HTML & PHP
  7. MySQL

Beginner in : Blender 3D

Read as List
  1. Blender 3D
  2. Adobe Photoshop

Proficient but Informal : Quick Learner

Read as‚ List
  1. Quick Learner
  2. Good Google User
  3. Leadership
  4. Team Player
  5. Communication
  6. Bold


Housing.com – Locon Solutions
June 2015 – Till Date
Software Developer


Valkyrie [Internal Name]  – In Development
Virtual Reality Walkthrough
Gear VR | Oculus | Cardboard

Read Project Details
  1. Design and implement Virtual Reality – Friendly Interfaces using Unity’s new Internal uGUI
  2. Implementing with finesse navigation and interaction that are non-intrusive and that feel the extension of the experience altogether
  3. Realistic visuals with optimization for mobility
  4. Creating scalable architectures and incorporating automations on as many levels as possible
  5. Mentoring non Unity developers for adoption of the technology

The Walt Disney Co – India
June 2014 – May 2015
December 2011 – February 2014
Sr. Software Developer, Games


ICC Pro Cricket 2015 – Released
Casual – Sports Genre
Android | IOS | PC

Read Project Details
  1. Mentoring new joiner and bringing them up to speed for development and handling of Live Ops
  2. Extending the unity editors and inspectors for creating tools and systems for perfect bat – ball collisions, creation of balls using real variables like wind – speed – swing
  3. Windows inputs and Xbox controller implementation
  4. Implementing DRM features for the windows standalone builds
  5. Multi aspect ratio support, along with better content management for quicker updates and designer control over the user experience
  6. Implementation of gameplay setting with respect to A/B testing
  7. Implemented the FTUE systems along with Objective and Achievements system balancing versatility and executions
  8. Cornerstone programmer from prototyping to release
  9. Working with the 3D team and animator to ensure all the assets where properly integrated and setting up a good asset pipeline with cross checks
  10. Implemented the low processor intensive, realistic looking and feeling ball physics using and controlling the internal rigid bodies and collisions

Hitout Heroes – Released
Casual / Arcade – Sports Genre
Android | IOS

Read Project Details
  1. Game is developed for all available mobile platforms, along with optimization of code cycles and GC calls for mobile platforms
  2. Extended unity editor windows and inspectors to create toolsets to difficulty patterns, AI state implementations, Balls, and probability of power-ups
  3. Managing not only Milestone but daily builds and Working with milestones and deadline
  4. Implementing UI interactions and Gameplay where my major responsibility
  5. Made the designer’s idea into reality with respect to power-ups and playability
  6. Creating a system of dynamically loading sounds from resources to reduce memory footprint
  7. Cornerstone programmer from prototype to release

T20 Cricket Fever – Vaulted
Casual – Sports Genre
Windows Mobile [Mango]

Read Project Details
  1. XNA framework was used along with C#
  2. Worked out an engine framework using FSM that was used in the later projects
  3. Making UI and gameplay decisions
  4. Implementing gameplay and UI single handedly

February 2014 – April 2014
Sr. Unity 3D Developer


Solan Exiles – Discontinued
Casual – Clash of Clans Type
Android | IOS

Read Project Details
  1. Creation and standardising root game architecture using dependency injection with event system for lose coupling
  2. Writing unit test was made a prime importance – NSubstitute for mocks along with nUnit was used for the same
  3. Developing game views using NGUI v3
  4. Creation of a Mecanim System to support large number of animation clips at time and keeping the memory footprint as low as possible with dynamic loading, without any curtailment of Mecanim feature sets
  5. Creation of custom Unity Window for designing and creating game tutorials and various other functionality by extending the editor and inspector

IronCode Gaming Pvt Ltd
September 2010 – December 2011
Game Programmer


Pahelika Revelation – Released
Casual – Point and Click

Read Project Details
  1. Game is developed on a heavily modified version of PopCap game framework
  2. Object data and states parsed form XML
  3. Object behaviour and interaction scripted in LUA
  4. Experience in regards to coding techniques, testing, gameplay, art, data access, scripts, working around engine limitations


Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

Distinction – June 2010
Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology, Mumbai University

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)

with Computer Science Vocational Subject
73.50% aggregate – March 2006
Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Maharashtra Board

Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

82.53% aggregate – March 2004
St. Xavier’s High School, Maharashtra Board

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